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Things the Pediatrician Told Me That Made Me Laugh…

Then cry and question everything I’m doing as a parent.

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20 things to consider when choosing a daycare for your most valuable possession in the entire world

My son started daycare at 3 months old and due to the high demand in our area, we had to select a daycare months before he was born. Now he is a year old and I have learned a lot about leaving my most valuable possession with “perfect strangers”.

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Does castor oil really work to induce labor?

I tried it, and the answer is… yes and no.

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Sleep Training

For me, sleep training was like a bad word. It meant I was exhausted and have had enough.  Once I reached that point, I had read the “Go the F*ck to Sleep” book to Max about 1000 times. We had established a very lengthy singing, bouncing, rocking routine, and I learned how to become a ninja – transferring him from my arms to the crib and sneaking out of the room without creaking a single floor board. I knew sleep training was in Max’s near future but I kept putting it off until he was healthy, no ear infection or congestion. But let’s get real, it’s cold season and he’s in daycare full time, he’s not going to be cold free until April! So I decided after his tubes it would be sleep train boot camp in our house.

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To: My Valentine

Rather I should say, To: My Son’s Friend’s Parents

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Finally, tubes at 9 months

Prior to getting tubes, our life looked something like this… At three months, my son started daycare full time and his immune system started working in overdrive. He was exposed to new germs and as expected, he picked up his first cold almost immediately. His first cold turned into his first ear infection and just a couple months later he was working on his fifth or sixth ear infection, I lost count.

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