Sleep Training

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For me, sleep training was like a bad word. It meant I was exhausted and have had enough.  Once I reached that point, I had read the “Go the F*ck to Sleep” book to Max about 1000 times. We had established a very lengthy singing, bouncing, rocking routine, and I learned how to become a ninja – transferring him from my arms to the crib and sneaking out of the room without creaking a single floor board. I knew sleep training was in Max’s near future but I kept putting it off until he was healthy, no ear infection or congestion. But let’s get real, it’s cold season and he’s in daycare full time, he’s not going to be cold free until April! So I decided after his tubes it would be sleep train boot camp in our house.

I did my research: I read endless mommy blogs about sleep training, the different methods, and what worked for some babies and what didn’t work for others. I briefly tried the cry-it-out method and in under a minute, I knew I wasn’t cut out for it. He was coughing and taking deep breaths that I wasn’t comfortable with. I came across this Mommy My Way blog that I love and read her sleep training experience. It’s basically the Ferber method but what I really liked is @mommymyway she modified it for her baby. I loosely stuck to her method, modifying it for Max’s needs, and it worked great. In under a week, Max was going right to sleep and sleeping through the night. He needed more singing in the beginning because I had conditioned him to that in the prior weeks but by the end of the week he was good without it. My husband and I were aggressively fist pumping in the next room and wondering why we didn’t do this sooner. But I do believe we were only successful because Max was ready.

But then we derailed…

We were doing great for a couple weeks but he got a bad cold that he hasn’t been able to shake and we are back where we started. This last week was rough. Max is visibly uncomfortable when he lays down and bedtime routine has been a 1-2 hour ordeal this week. I took him to the doctor to make sure his ear are clear, which they are. So my only guess is, maybe he’s teething? I feel so bad for him. I remind myself his little body is growing so fast and going through so many changes, I am sure it is confusing and at times uncomfortable.

But the good news is I know he is capable of self-soothing and going to sleep on his own. Right now I just need to provide a little more comfort until he is over this stage. I don’t mind a little extra rocking before bed, I only have so much longer that I can do that.


Napping with Mr. Bear
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my sleep training method. I really appreciate the support and I’m so happy it worked for you!

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